venerdì 8 aprile 2011

Indian soul

Hey guys!!!=)
I hope everything is alright...=)
I love feathers right now... I can't stop to wear them because I love my earrings with them. I bought these earrings  a week ago at H&M.
I also have a Pimkie tee shirt with feather... and I usually wear it with a H&M shirt. I hope to post real photos soon with a new camera. However I found this similar tee shirt from Pimkie site:
Canotta beige stampata
Canotta beige stampata
What do you think of feathers? Do you like them?

Source: Vogue IT
I totally love this outfit from Matthew Williamson... It's so into the wild!!!=)

Well... a quick post... but homeworks are killing me!! I need summer!!!
Thank you for comments! They really make my day=)
Have a nice day!!!

Love always,

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