domenica 30 gennaio 2011


Hi readers!!!=)
This is the dress I wore for Christmas:
Cache Cache

I wore it with tights and boots.
 And yesterday I bought a new pair of boots and a t-shirt:

Boots from Due.Gi Calzature
T-shirt from Cache Cache
I have to do my homeworks=( So... Bye and follow my blog!!!=) Have a great Sunday!!
Love always,

sabato 29 gennaio 2011

Turn my back to the door

Now I want to post the photo of some jewelry I want... I love them all<3
Very cool ring!!

Bijou Brigitte

I love this bag!! It's so cute!

The lion king=)

Everything is from Accessorize... I think I love this brand=) These is another outfit from pimkie that I like so much...
Well, That's all...
Love always,
PS: Thank you for all your comments!!!=)

giovedì 27 gennaio 2011

Breathing new oxigen

Hey readers!!!=)
What's up? Sometimes I feel out of place in high-school but today I'm very very very happy!!! I've complete my chemistry exam and I think it was right=) Well, This is what I wore today:


and then I wore my black boots. Hope you like it...
Smile to life&Love always,

mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011


Hi Guys!!!=)
Yesterday I went to shopping with my mom and I bought new clothes... So I'm very happy=)=) But my camera doesn't work and so I've found the photos of the clothes in the brand sites... I'm not the model who is in the photos! Now Here are my new clothes:
I've bought this shirt but in white color(zara)...

...and these shorts with braces(promod). I think they're very cute=)
I've also bought a t-shirt but I haven't found the photo..:( I hope I will post it soon...
In the net I've seen these outfits that I like so much. I think they're pretty cool.

from pimkie...

I love this t-shirt too but I didn't find it in the store yesterday.... what a pity!!!
Well, Have a great day!! Bye!!
Love always,

martedì 25 gennaio 2011

Sometimes I love U

I forgot an outfit in the last post... Sorry...=)
Here it is...

It's very casual and cute....=) Hope you like it... Everything is from Pimkie. I love this brand.=)
Love always,


Now I wanna show you some outfits I like a lot... I hope you like them too.


I love them...<3
Love always,

lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Here I am

Hey guys!!!!=)
How are you? This is my first post and I wanted to post some photos, but now I'm very busy with homeworks..... At the moment I have a new obsession: a pair of the converse new collection and I hope it will be mine for my birthday.:) I also love this T-shirt:
Love always,