Hello and Thank You♥

First of all I'd want to thanks each and every reader for visiting and commenting on my blog.
Thank you for putting a smile on my day!!! ♥
And now... Hi!!!=)
I'm a italian girl named Giulia and I'm 16-year-old. I love fashion because it'a way to express myself and I'd like to do it. Because I'd like to find who I am and I think that if I try, I will find something; so now I'm looking for myself.

Here are my other obsessions.

I love reading... since I was a child. My favourite writer are too many to say... some of them are Jane Austen, Banana Yoshimoto, Lisa See....
I love music. I listening to every kind of it: rock, pop,soul, rap and others... One of my favourite singer is Bon Jovi. I love his songs, how he sings and him=) But I also like singers such as Bruno Mars or Beyoncé....=) Then I play the guitar.... it's really hard but I love it anyway.
I love musical. I love dance too so when they sing and dance together it's fantastic. In my opinion Grease is the best... I love John Travolta;)♥
Then, I love eating. I'm italian so I love pizza, pasta, ice-cream and may others but I like trying something different sometimes.
I love smiling and don't think I'm crazy...=) I just love everything could make me happy. Because I think life would be better this way.
Last but not least, I love travelling. I want to traver all over the world and one of my dream is to live in New York City!=) I'd like to go to India, China, Japan, Africa, Hawaii, Australia and many others....=)=) And I have already been to Greece, France and Spain and this summer I'm going to London!!!
I speak 4 languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish. I love learn them!!!
Well, there are other things I like doing (such as looking at the sky, finding different pictures in the clouds, owning beutiful flowers, doing manicure and so on...

For now this is me. And hope you'll see what I mean.

Have a great day,
Enjoy your life,
Be happy,
Love always,
Giulia ♥