mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011


Hi Guys!!!=)
Yesterday I went to shopping with my mom and I bought new clothes... So I'm very happy=)=) But my camera doesn't work and so I've found the photos of the clothes in the brand sites... I'm not the model who is in the photos! Now Here are my new clothes:
I've bought this shirt but in white color(zara)...

...and these shorts with braces(promod). I think they're very cute=)
I've also bought a t-shirt but I haven't found the photo..:( I hope I will post it soon...
In the net I've seen these outfits that I like so much. I think they're pretty cool.

from pimkie...

I love this t-shirt too but I didn't find it in the store yesterday.... what a pity!!!
Well, Have a great day!! Bye!!
Love always,

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